The Spirit of Innovation & Freedom
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Programming illuminating the similarities in the mindset of innovation across disciplines and the role of improvisation in that process. We further share how both innovation and improvisation promote the exploration and embracing of different ideas and perspectives and the positive progress of thought, technology, art, and society as a whole.

The Spirit of Innovation & Freedom

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By offering experiences and perspectives of improvisation and innovation we aim to help people better understand the mindset of innovation and how to appreciate differences and form connections among and across communities. Our goal is to share the value of different perspectives, mutual communication and listening, forward thinking, and the advantages of drawing on the strengths of each individual and group as requisite factors for an inclusive, unified whole. We also aim to foster innovative thinking that brings about positive progress. The mindset of improvisation and innovation promotes the kind of progress necessary to improving the overall condition of humanity.

A new direction in the jazz and art arena
— Oxford University Press' Grove Dictionary of American Music
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